Floorcrete Flowing Screed Product

Floorcrete floor screeding is a blend of synthetic anhydrite and selected aggregates, mixed with water to produce a flowing pumpable screed. Its flowing consistency confers benefits in:

  • ease and speed of application
  • thermal efficiency for underfloor heating
  • reduced screed depth minimising both drying time and heat storage

The reduced screed depth necessary means that it stores less heat itself, resulting in a much more responsive system than those which use thicker, conventional sand & cement screeds.

It also speeds up laying and drying times. Up to 2000 sq metres of screed can be laid in a day and it is normally ready to be walked on within 24 hours, subject to weather conditions.

Floorcrete can install screeds in properties in excess of 25 storeys high, making this superior technology the ideal solution for flats, apartments and similar dwellings.